Response to Manchester counter-productive, misinformed denial. So what is the real first step to a solution?

Wash & repeat. Pretty much the same action, exact same response. Media churns the story. Flowers laid, tears shed, candles lit. Nothing learnt.

Less than one second to midnight, and still hopelessly asleep at the wheel.

All the spasmodic hysteria over Manchester and other random acts of terror would surely be better channelled into an as-yet barely-existent sustained effort to educate and thereby non-violently combat the politics of fear – of institutional terrorism, always only further justified in its wake. Of course killing children is disgusting. But in the mawkish orgy, suddenly machine guns on the streets of sunny Sydney in the hands of bogan cops is now casually being discussed, yet the next little stepping stone that would be on the now predictable path towards eliminating the true ‘defiance’ of a fearless life is nearly universally ignored.

Because if the politics of fear of ‘terror’ is even indirectly used to justify police states (as is clearly intended to those already educated beyond the usual propaganda), not to mention nuclear war , or climate holocaust (which is still incredibly being denied), then the fear and loss that would ensue would be incomparable.

‘Incomparable’ means no comparison, as anyone who has the slightest recall of the statistics of war,  imperialism, and other major die-offs should be fully aware of. Then the death of children would be in the millions at minimum, as so many times before, not double digits. How would all the horrified, indignant mothers and scared little girls feel then?

Net result, terrorism is effectively still little more than a smokescreen for what is really going on, all too obviously one would think. It is even quite likely an engineered part of the whole theatrical trickshow.

Because the greatest terrorist threat is an orange imposter at the helm of what was already the largest and most dangerous terrorist organisation in history before he showed up, put there by a bunch of hoodwinked mouthbreathers made too stupid to even now register their spectacular blunder. The suppressed yet likewise plainly obvious history of the United States is open for anyone with an enquiring mind to see. But how is it relatively so few have cared to confront the obvious? When along with inequality, these are so far and away the biggest issues at play today, it is amazing we are led to see all our info side by side in our news feeds as if they are equally important – when they are not.

This is not to empower terrorism, even though the victims of American terrorism know this all too well and are actually all the more angry that we just refuse to get it, when it’s all right in front of our noses. In fact we all do know it, we just can’t bear to join the dots. Thoroughly guilted over Brexit and led to believe that Farage was actually the globalist, for all its ‘defiance’ of both terrorism and Trump, Britain will, we are told, next fortnight vote in another Tory government over a true Sanders-style socialist by a landslide – go figure.

We’ve all seen the movie plots and news stories around every aspect of this, but still cannot bear to see how many were so appealing precisely because they had so much foundation in reality. We know not to trust our governments, but we just can’t wrap our heads around just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Our attachment to our comforts does not allow us to admit what we plainly know.

Terrorists come from or are closely linked to countries where 20 dead children is a daily occurrence and will do anything for us to feel their pain enough to stop our governments actively generating this cycle with arms sales and fake invasions for false agendas. Even if that means forcing us to share it.

But we don’t – after each brief interlude we just go back to stuffing our faces, making our excuses, turning up to our jobs or pursuing our pathetic personal salesmanship, while feeling powerless and pretending it’s not happening or going where it is obviously going – that we care enough about our children’s future. Further, as with 9/11, we just fall right into their trap, letting a single act that is really less than a drop in the ocean create fear in billions. Not noticing that the business of news is scouring the earth for the very worst things that happen, while billions have perfectly peaceful days. True defiance would be to sanely contemplate the numbers and all-but ignore it, then get back to educating and empowering eachother to create real democracy, but then the story is just too juicy. How can the actions of one messed up kid be made so significant? They know that capitalism is as much our Achille’s heel as their enemy, and they are right, because it has made us addicts to drama.

It is the enforced ignoring of their undeniable pain that they know all too well, that in fact significantly drives them to shock us out of our stupor. They want us to first acknowledge this pain that few of us could even imagine – yet we simply refuse to get it. Impotent, ridiculous ‘defiance’ is our only simple-minded response. That so many are made to accentuate a fictitious powerlessness by coming up with nothing but such a weak, adversarial stance is really quite extraordinary. Meanwhile, we are told to resolutely refuse to even listen to what these people want us to hear, perhaps for fear that some might even agree or even just understand. That is our modern application of mature mediation.

We also like to tell ourselves politically correct lies like it’s got nothing to do with Islam, when two minutes flicking through the Koran will tell you that like the Judeao-Christianity (a twisted version of which still underpins white imperialism), and unlike Buddhism, it is a tribal rather than universal religion with undercurrents of violence throughout. And to that extent is not really religion at all.

And so, because, not in spite, of our collective ignorant reaction, this will all too likely just go on till it is too late.

But the ‘Islamic terrorists’ too, like us, are pawns in a larger game, the elites’ puppetshow, their brilliant yet psychopathic trick that divides us, and drags us down in fear and anger, as it drives them even to strap on a bomb. Same old ‘divide and conquer’, not even that sophisticated.

How are people so content to live their lives unaware, in fact refusing to see, that they have been comprehensively played by people who would even laugh at the loss of our very lives? That we live inside of a ‘Matrix’, and true to the analogy are being fed off from birth to grave without even a clear image that it is even happening? This callous laughter is a real, though shocking description of the ‘evil terrorists’ on both sides, but more for those who are motivated more by lust for power than legitmate pain. In any case, you only have to see how much the imperialists and ‘terrorists’ have in common to see that the real ‘sides’ in this situation is them together, and us, the dupes.

This is a system that in progressively more sophisticated and underhanded ways steals all the money and power through trickle down lies, bailouts, inflation and, thereby upping the pressure to give in to wage slavery, making it impossible to not do anything else, or follow through on any dissent or true input at every step.

The history, again, is on public record. For instance, just look at Oliver Stone’s ‘Untold History of the United States’, starting with this episode right up to Obama. Or the confession of the Dutch ex-banker on child sacrifices , which although controversial, is a compelling picture of a sick and heartless group that plays all sides at once, just as both sides of wars typically have the same financiers. Just this week Trump had the audacity to spout about destroying evil while selling billions in arms into the Middle East. In spite of such an erudite commentator as Chomsky pointing out repeatedly, the media doesn’t even seem to register the irony. We are being made fools of.

But who is really aware and compassionate enough about this to give it the energy such enormous threats deserve? Incredible that at the most dangerous moment since the Cuban missile crisis, when one wrong step could have created Armageddon, and far saner heads led the two camps, that not every single citizen or parent has not walked off their ‘job’, which in many cases largely only serves the problem, and instead dedicated themselves to educating, sharing or just protesting in the street demanding change at any cost. When any moment, the next tweet, could literally spell the end of the human race, we appear to be in the most extreme state of denial.

And yet the power’s agenda has been so successful that a few facebook likes or shares is beyond most people. People, even friends and family, are more inclined to steal your ideas especially if they are not well-circulated, than acknowledge them, something I have been prey to repeatedly, yet only betrays a fundamental lack of goodness of spirit. More concerned with looking smart than offering truth. Further, the unfortunate paradox is that the more, complex, inspired, intelligent and vast in scope your analysis, the more certain it becomes to be misunderstood, in fact, completely ignored. Chomsky’s constrants if ‘concision’ within an ‘Idiocracy’ that arrived hundreds of years too soon, has even the intelligentsia having to obey a soundbite and slogan regime governed by fame and marketing, not quality. ‘Something is rotten in the state…’.

Now God has been pronounced dead by his corporate successor, people are so fearfully self-serving they are afraid to support the truth in any other way than these misguided orgies of grief that only demonstrate our distroted appetites. Too weak and afraid to be seen as radical when even that image, like the tree-hugging hippie, is just one more part of the spin designed to disempower us. The sanest commentators are not even listened to, drowned in the sea of repetitive noise and junk making one simple point at a time that is the internet and the media, leaving people horribly out of tune and confused what is true and what is not. The level of numbed indifference is astonishing. So, the real truth hiding in plain sight, we cannot even take the power over information that we have.

I can only fulfil my contract with life, say my piece and make my as offerings into the silent space of consciousness. If there is any justice or God, perhaps one day in some form it will be acknowledged.

But as for this life, and the tremendous grief I have pre-cognized at the ugly and unfathomable loss on our watch of the earth’s long record that was so close to brilliant success, unless something radically changes, and fast, checkmate.


How more social media response could have easily tipped the knife-edge election for the Left of way Right

From my July 4, 2016 post to my conspicuously silent, Facebook Australian friend list….

To all who aren’t reading this because you un-followed my political posts in favour of cat videos or yoga slogans, or who failed to agitate, ‘share’ or even ‘like’, sitting while others took the risks with their friends – see all these marginal seats separated by a handful of votes. Consider that with the multiplying effect of social media you could have easily made the difference, where misinformation & apathy still dominate, if only there had been awareness or conviction, the vision or responsibility.
Less so those who thought it was smart or progressive not to vote or to go alternative at this time, or just not be bothered, pretending it doesn’t really make much difference, but ditto. Reality is moving fast underneath, but on the surface it still must be incremental.
If the Liberals get back in, as looks likely now, and dismantle what is left of the anything good or saleable in the country the lesson is it’s clear you could have made the difference- even if as is becoming the norm, there may be fraudulent irregularities in vote-counting. It’s not even as if it was a difficult sell. That they still got 30% of the vote and half the seats when they are effectively just the latest self-serving puppets for the greatest criminals of all time, the 1% who ever-increasingly own all the money & power, beggars belief.
Also if it’s that you didn’t find out or didn’t think so much, you missed the tenor of the times, and beyond, at one of the most critical points in history. Selfishness and gross inequality will always be the opposite of truth & evolution. That people fall for the encouragement to believe otherwise will only guarantee our continued downward spiral.
And so, we may have to endure 3 more years of transparent lies, greed and lack of integrity rotting what little is left of the culture.
If some find my tone off-puttingly abrasive, tell me, what else has worked? Despite the sobering realization of how paltry voice my unmarketed voice is in the land of the blind, when many of you could have had much greater reach, at least I can say to myself I risked very real alienation to do my best for the good of all.’

A friend replied.‘As I understand it, unless you have lots of friends residing in a marginal electorate – not sure any of mine do – nothing you tweet, Instagram or Facebook is going to have much effect on the outcome. Changing attitudes and intention from a behavioral perspective is also very difficult. The people who actually decide the result are indecisive fence sitters in a small number of electorates. Local issues and candidates can have just as much impact as scare campaigns on them. Not well reasoned arguments. I take consolation in knowing that other people like you following what is going on are just as alarmed by it as I am.’

To which I replied.…Just sharing my disillusionment, hoping it helps people see themselves. Because I must disagree on this – if the whole world has only six degrees of separation then different regions of the same country would be well reached by friends of friends of friends. That is the whole point and potential power of Facebook.

Another friend replied.let me give you my perspective. I work really hard and so does my husband – and we give other people jobs. And you know what, that’s a big responsibility – worrying about other people’s children, their rent and food bills. Personally, I don’t have much time to agitate with social media, but that doesn’t mean I am not engaged, or don’t care about anything. I guess I could go to Ubud and hang around and just write blogs about how apathetic other people are. Love you Nick, but I don’t accept your rant.

To which I replied….Well I don’t deny the value of those things, but in my case too, someone’s gotta do it. Because pretty much everyone is doing that. And getting their rewards I might add. You guys most definitely – you are hardly of the oppressed. And yet as I point out, the results are clear and staring us in the face – an election easily won but lost to the past by a wafer. Because a power is available and being underused for good. Pressing like or even share occasionally to spread information or even show support to your friends is hardly a full time job. It is a meager effort that could yield great results, and why I can manage to be in Ubud – even if I am foolish to risk not be to building my own castle in a world that may well not be worth anyone’s children living in if no more heed is taken. That is my focus at least at these obviously critical times. I come here to live on a shoestring because at least there is some culture and goodness left.

And because the narrowing of cultures and tightening of belts courtesy of this grand theft of half the world’s wealth, and in that effectively all of its power, has made choosing to live freely and still have opportunities harder than I ever expected it would be – partly by telling those who accepted the offer as is that they alone are the ones entitled to the heroically ‘productive’ self-image. Jobs, nuclear families and anything else Johnny Howard sold as culture – tip-top. Arts, philosophy, spirituality – unpaid and third-rate. Can’t give your unique offering without risking being sued for malpractice because you can’t even rent a commercial room unless you fit a prescribed mold, having done the prescribed long & expensive course, and offer only & exactly what is deemed safe for the public, who no longer have the capability of deciding anything for themselves, being their own judge of character and what something is worth – the nanny state.

But even the ‘winners’ in this Matrix aren’t always winning the way they used to, like America in the 50’s, when anyone with a job could own a house and bring up 3 kids no problem. Were it not for gross inequality, the whole world might have that now. Even some real sanity and a guaranteed basic income! Instead hardly anyone does, only this mysterious 1% that we are well-trained to dismiss as a hysterical paranoia – everyone else is having to fight each other harder, and become harder. It’s not at all paranoid to face up to where such a trajectory is heading. And look at Bernie – the opportunity for that to hit home, rather than be fizzled out like all the other big ideas that then become unattainable, is now.

And I’m not saying that anyone in particular should agree with me – I don’t know, but maybe you’re saying you agree with the Right that it’s only the businessmen who create anything, so they deserve everything? But to me that position is all ego, people taking full credit without humility or compassion for their ‘God-given’ opportunities, talents and situations, that just happen to align with the materialistic priorities of the times, which is why the neo-cons enforcing it on us all as our ugly new religion sickens me so. And it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t also politically & philosophically justify the detriment of others less fortunate or inclined. Let them drown – they will eventually die or aspire to become as wonderful and important as us. Their avowed political philosophy – if only the duped public clearly knew!

It’s just that I know many who are amenable, yet still for whatever reason don’t seem to recognize the power in those tiny efforts if and when they go online. Which is exactly my point. And I have to tell you that having group lists of friends in several countries, the fact is that my Australian list is by far the most silent, even at the most important moments. It’s true I may be more forceful with them because I am trying to bring my outsider’s perspective, and I genuinely care more because it is my country that I have returned to and it is so clearly to me going so horribly wrong. And maybe I could soften my tone even more. But still it’s hard not to conclude that anything but the narrow perspectives of the paid media is wanted. And also there seems to be a resistance to being stimulated by the actual concerns of people you know rather than the distance inherent in passing on things from strangers – which I suspect is a some form of pride and self-protection that I find quite foreign.

So yes, apathy is one word I used, but my real hope is to bring a truer focus. This is not some luxury I perform on the beach – I’m doing this because at this time I can’t think of anything better or more important to do, and that is what drives me. Regardless of where I am it is no little effort to try to write and edit something challenging and informative, and the averages mean that when barely one of your friends cares to show they’ve even bothered to engage with it on any level, then it’s a bit demoralizing, and quite surprising too. Not that I tolerate when sometimes all you get is trolls or insincere argumentation just for Aussie sport. So anyway thanks, at least, for engaging and telling your perspective. Perhaps in time I’ll join the world of marketeers at last and find out if there is a supposedly more appropriate audience. They know all the fake ways to drive traffic that, like our upstanding real estate investors, leave anyone who is just being real in the shadows  and the underclass. Strange world.

The two-party gerrymander system is no longer acceptable

What is this ‘two parties only’ gerrymander fiction?
On what sane planet can the two Australian parties get about 60% of the vote – and many of them only reluctantly out of pragmatism because their approval was way less again – yet still be rigged to take over 90% of the seats?! Where all we have is the choice for the lesser of two evils?
A major third party like the Greens can get maybe 20% and still only 1 seat! Even a Bernie Sanders can be removed from the actual contest despite probably getting the most votes!
A planet that runs on compliance with whatever we are told kinda/maybe/supposedly/didn’t work in the past. No longer acceptable.
Hardly anyone knows who their local member is anyway, and what does it matter if party discipline is so high?
Gee, maybe a Brexit-style referendum would bring more reality!?
Then members could be selected to represent sub-population areas based on actual voting support. Is that really so strange?

How to tell a real spiritual guide from so many salesmen

Nowadays there are many people overselling themselves and damaging the name of spirituality, as if it were a commodity as cheap as any other. In all that noise, it has become very hard to know what is true, and have any sense of the depth or usefulness of what is being offered. The first clue to what is genuine is that the salesmanship is so much less than the personal integrity to walk the walk. They become almost like a nobody, not the kind any typical person would think to listen to, let alone emulate. Not the super-‘successful’ superman most hope to find as their reflection, who are like the healers we hope will perform mysterious techniques rather than empower us with rich good sense. Something they know deep down is much more real, than desirable on the surface, where we are continuously trained to live.

Although circumstances always change within and without, someone truly anchored in reality is usually very careful about how they move in the world, knowing how easily the delicate flower of awareness can be sullied in an upside-down life. At other times they may be  confusingly ‘normal’ or wildly joyous or challengingly expressive. But fundamentally, they integrate as much as circumstances require, and generally no more. They are ‘in the world but not of the world’ – a reluctant salesman at most, doing only what flows without compromise to Being.

Personal gain is so secondary to them they have little or no will to compete like ordinary people, something very frightening to people still on their new-age, ‘manifesting’, training-wheels, hoping that some ‘coach’ can guarantee they will create more, more, more. That is possible, but not really a true place to stop, because it still runs on fear and separation. Although not austere to the point of turning away bliss, their need to ‘have it all’ is gone, and now their trust is in a deeper meaning.  That subtle commitment you can only know from seeing the person, and interacting with them in this context.

Not to make any comparison, but even after full enlightenment the Buddha was reluctant guide, and I have some pride in saying, so am I, having waited years longer when so many others plunge in like businessmen or job seekers. There are many other reasons for this I’m sure I will talk about elsewhere. I am not ‘perfect’, but my focus and commitment, as well as my challenges and experience, have been as great and as sincere as anyone I know. and that is the of the highest value to a seeker. And with all objectivity rather than ego, I was born a communicator. Both my passion and compassion should be very clear.

So many seekers in the long battle with their egos come to harbor secret desires to be ‘the man’, which is the actual main source of so much unfortunate suspicion of ‘gurus’, but for me this first only about fulfilling my destiny or blueprint as a messenger in order to bring truth, sanity and the end of suffering to all who wish to come to me. As in any relationship, the key is coming to know the deeper goodwill and sincerity of your partner when it counts, and your ability to judge character is one the most important skills you can develop. To know others, you must ‘know yourself’ at these deeper levels, and the training is all about this.

On the paradox of being whole – how the spiritual can also be political

People are often confused when they see someone ‘spiritual’ also fiercely standing up for political issues or confronting ignorance in its myriad forms in these rapidly changing times, as you may find in many of the blog posts on this site. To most it seems like a contradiction in terms. Aren’t we only supposed to be one thing? Especially when there is a ‘cultural’ attempt to produce anger in all the wrong places, from immigration to spirituality, and many aggrieved are aggressively looking for a fight with anyone they think an easy target. They assume, without actually knowing at all, that it’s all just words from the mouths of shysters.

But fully integrated spirituality can operate in different ways appropriate to the paradoxes inherent in our great challenge of operating effectively on different levels of reality. Like the wrathful deities of the Tibetans, what is ultimately peaceful and needless can move with great force from clarity of Knowing, yet still with hidden compassion and reduced attachment. The difference may be subtle, but it is critical.

Some tell me you have to indulge people’s weaknesses and draw them in with enticing stories etc. That being asked to wake up and assimilate a wider perspective only makes them feel criticized and turn the page, poor dears. Better keep it light and let them keep waiting for everyone else to stand up first. Sure you have the luxury to do that one-on-one, but when people are disconnected in their Matrix-bubbles?

But that too is all just part of the conditioning, and where has it gotten us? I say it’s way past time for us to suck up the truth already, and take full responsibility for what in most cases we already know on some level. It does not mean there is not also room for fun, humor, peace – we can all be many things, not just the one we want to be seen as.

But for this hugely important thing , it begins with living for, supporting and aligning with what is truthful at any cost – the end of just getting by, covering our asses.

Brexit & ‘Inequality’ – the real issue of our times

There is only one thing you need to know to see that the EU, TPP, TTIP etc, all these economic conglomerations, have not served the ideal of the global village, but rather the concentration of power and wealth over us by underhanded corporations & bankers, fronted by the supposedly superior money-managers of the ‘moderate’ right-wing parties.

That is the demonstrable fact that all the wealth generated in the last 30 years has gone increasingly to the sociopathic, anti-democratic, top 1%….and therefore the actual power of others, which is a relative thing, on all levels from individual to organisations even to countries, has correspondingly been hugely diminished.

That’s it – absolute simplicity. All else is details, especially the smokescreen of immigration.

It’s the main reason why, despite our shiny gadgets and tweeting, life has become so much harder. Despite huge advances in productivity, nothing but scraps has ‘trickled-down’. And it’s why Brexit had to happen when a referendum gave them the chance beyond any two-party election farce – before it was too late. It has been a clear and defined conscious process approaching completion.  And until now it has been all but unopposed, in fact as the media shows us, strongly supported by the ‘manufactured consent’ of paid ignorance.

This is for those who still buy the line that all so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ are lunatic fringe, half of whom still in their confusion vote to the Right, or even so-called ‘Centre’…

Until enough stand for this to be sorted, the rest, including all our labours, when all is said and done will add to nothing, or less. Otherwise time will show we rationalized remaining ‘part of the problem’, not the solution. Not a legacy or epitaph anyone would want.

Especially considering that beyond this, all these scoundrels and terrorists are ultimately an unflattering mirror to ourselves, to be seen and taken full responsibility for.


You are the One – Journal of a Wanderer

You find out who your real friends are when, for example, you fly to a place partly in anticipation of catching up with them, and all most can manage when you reach out, is to Facebook message back once, then make no effort to meet. They fail in the basic empathy or good-spiritedness to realize you may well not be otherwise connected there, therefore don’t include you in any way in what is going on, leaving you alone to start all over. On the surface though, they are  just too caught up in their already overstuffed lives, their faithless bids for survival and ‘success’, to include you, or even spend a second imagining what that is like for you.

Sure, it’s OK – I’m a big boy , I’ll live –  but still, it’s a sign o’ the times. Incredibly, these days this goes for everyone from short acquaintances to long term ex-partners, even family. So WTF?

The kind of gentle souls I grew up with would jump at the chance to say, ‘Maybe just none of ’em like ya, ya dickhead!’ But no, pretty sure it’s not because I’m a bad friend or that distasteful. Unconventional and selective perhaps, living much of my time in solitude rather than distraction or ingratiation, a tad intimidating perhaps but – I confidently assert from what Shantideva called Dharmic self-confidence, as against self-importance – I hope clearly well-intentioned, generous with myself, and real – for what that is worth. To me at least, everything.

People rarely seem any more to recognize or therefore even care that they are part of the pressure that makes people end up having no choice but to agree to lives as dull and repetitive as their own. Sometimes I’d go so far as to say it comforts them to know that others share the misery. So they have no idea how to take proper responsibility, and give up on the idea that anyone even knows. Friendship then equals whoever gives them most advantage, or happens to be in their face all the time. OK they are with liking the posters you anonymously pass on on Facebook, but couldn’t give a shit for your own real thoughts or feelings if they are anything other than stock-standard, unless maybe you sell it to them in some fucking pre-validated package. Maybe they are just so averse to the new barrage of everyone and their dog’s damn opinion that they can only want tea-box ‘positivity’ or else the sadness might just come in all at once and wash away the house of cards. We don’t even want to come close to facing what to do with the reality that this is where all such houses end up, like the dream 21st century coastal mansion’s showdown with rising sea levels.

And still, all this is considered absolutely, unavoidably normal – ‘human nature’, you often hear.

You might-maybe forgive it in a big city where they all have kids, mortgages and boring jobs, which they have bought as facing up to ‘reality’, and it takes at least 30 minutes driving to get anywhere – as I did in Sydney when I finally gave up on so many people who failed to notice that barely any had welcomed me home after 20 years away. I used to reach out to them when I popped home for a visit, but fuck it, I’m just a curiosity now at best. A 40-something divorcee travelling the world living on the grace of Life, who it’s unclear if he’s is a total failure or living the dream. Either way, a threat to shaky investments.

But in an easygoing place like Bali where you can get just anywhere in 10 minutes, and you would be the one willing to do the travelling anyway…..? Thankfully I come to Bali because at least the locals are one of the few living cultures remaining where the time and smiles for strangers are still genuine. The difference between them and the western tourists who come to blow their cash, tighten their glutes parading for Mr Right, or stuff their faces, only opening if at all to pose on cheap beer, is fascinatingly striking. But these places are disappearing fast as our Western disease takes hold, and in our supremely upside-down way turn away anything & everything, like the true spiritual core of the religions, that was given us to treat it.

Damn near everyone seems to be unconsciously complicit in this Matrix that really serves no-one below its shiny surface – ultimately not even the oppressors themselves, who sorry to say even the nice Tibetans say more strenuously still than the Catholics, are buying themselves a one-way ticket to self-created Hell. But science can’t prove that, so we let Occam’s razor do its meat-headed job, such that we’ve actually fallen so far that most of us openly aspire to the very same corrupting wealth… being the only tangible meaning to life in the new rational enlightened modernity where, if we can’t see it with our gross senses, it couldn’t possibly exist!

So then these now cyber-friends become just ‘people you used to know’, and little do they care, you have to start all over again in a world where the strangers are even way more disconnected again. And the older you get the less appealing that gets, and the ‘culture’ presumes, you get. They live there, it’s easy! Still, even my most open-hearted friends have seem surprised at my capacity to make friends of total strangers in cities where people make their raison d’etre to never look anyone in the eye or give them the illegitimate satisfaction of affirming their existence. Though as the rewards become rarer, I find myself bothering less and less as the opportunity-cost ratio just slides downhill. To me this is the No.1 marker of cultural decline, like watching the last of a beautiful endangered species slink off and die in the corner while people throw their food in the bin.

It seems most all ‘welcoming with open arms’ these days happens with mere acquaintances who motivate by functioning as networking or lifestyle accessories. All just different shades of ‘Me’. Notice how often the only people who are friendly either want something or are being paid to be so? Or at events you have to pay to attend?

Money then, directly or indirectly, has become almost the only reason, as well as the fake entry-ticket, for relating. Who cares about those whose karma it is not to have it? They, like Jesus, like Buddha, must be lazy losers! We’ve been dragged so low as to define ourselves by the bankrupt right-wing neo-conservative ‘philosophy’, which retains in practice not a shred of any purity it once may have had, that individual striving can be supported to create unlimited abundance for all. Instead, it has become a coercion on all to the dead circus of narrow material productivity and fictionally endless growth of wealth & greed, So, regardless of our myriad natural inclinations, it has compulsorily made life for all about nothing but shallow, egoic self-aggrandizement, when in fact it’s not even that but a tool of enslavement for the ‘1%’ oppressors. In this nightmare, we have matchsticks in our eyes, forced to stare in the mirror and see Idiocracy’s Donald Trump, our Zeitgeist Frankenstein.

In that timeline, humanity is lost. And we wonder why depression and terrorism are rife! Most extraordinarily, they still manage to get half the populations on average to willfully vote their worst puppets in!  And so, if we could live for real on all levels, in between meditations we would be in the streets protesting the theft of other people’s wealth rather than selfishly voting from our own hip pockets. We would see that right or left wing is not just a choice, it’s an evolutionary direction.

This sad but hopefully illuminating observation could also have begun, ‘You know it’s the end-times when….’ But why would I say that if endings cannot also be beginnings? Just pointing fingers for the sake of it is no better.

I know to many, my forcefulness I will just sound supremely arrogant, angrily judgmental & presumptuous. How dare I? How stupid to reveal my inner eccentricities to risk even what few real friendships I have. It’s so hard to tell the difference between what is real and is not, so typically whatever is foreign or extreme is first to go. But these are exceptional times, and fuck it, this is me saying my thing. And love and hate like all seeming opposites have a subtle interplay in their process of evolution.

The truth is I remain here – empty, open, true as I can be. Strange as it may sound in this clinical brushed aluminium day and age, but a living sacrifice, as we all in actuality are, to endure this actually bizarre, distorted realm where not a single thing is known for sure, and so little substantially reflects the Source. Knowing something like the essence of what the sages knew, not because I’m anything special, but because the truth itself is real and I am just sane enough to keep looking for it for real. Not sure if that sounds like a Trump-boast, but it’s just what’s happened after decades on the job. What they were saying is that we were supposed to do the same, and that is all I have done. We are all the Son of Man, and we all live on the Cross-burden of a separated, doomed, elusively insubstantial ‘individuality’. It’s just normal, real normal, it seems to me, to be into all that, even if strangely to me, few share my passion. Constantly I am doing all the shades and flavors of the sublime practices I know, paying proper respect to the best of my forbears, returning to tune right in and drop myself and whatever bullshit gets stuck on me. Paying the price to stay free. I even offer it, albeit in a very low-key way so far, but where are all the takers? Like Mooji said once – ‘I expected them to be beating down the doors’, but they didn’t for ages till the hype grew.

Exposed I am, as we all are, to a cold & unnatural world – struggling sometimes to keep a multi-layered deep awareness alive for the sake of the All, filtering all the growing pressure. Eating up all the darkness I can from the underbelly where only hard core spiritual crazy’s credit that it counts the most, while everyone else thinks they’ve smoked too many mung beans. Living so against the grain of modern culture, the way it seems barely anyone has the courage to anymore. Reluctant to join the salesmen, only moving as & for true unmediated recognition – in a world of billions, so available yet so under-utilized. Anonymous & pristine, under the divine pressure of being a loser. Unsold and unbought, largely because I know in the end I am talking to my own greater Self at the deepest level, where even all this revolting callousness, causing immense & probably unnecessary ongoing suffering and fucked-upness, has to be, and actually is, OK.

Some of my lovers have known me, while my family doesn’t seem to have even taken a stab at knowing me, at least on my terms! The peasants and yogis in India know me, and the dogs know me. But like Ron Burgundy’s ‘little furry Buddha’ Baxter, they know everyone because they know themselves. We can destroy ourselves and most of the world’s species for good measure, but to take them down as well? Now that would be a crime.

My beloved but misguided humans, however, are collectively asleep even as they tumble round the wheel and off the cliff of Samsara.  By the fundamental law of attention, we are turning into the machines we use. Like moths to the flame of fascination. Even most of the spiritual teachers aren’t much more than parrots & sell-outs. To my eye at least, wait 30 years to teach and the results may be more real. Even the enlightened Buddha didn’t want to teach at first because he saw people couldn’t understand, till the God’s convince him to give his best shot out of compassion, because there could be no better attempt.

And so I say the following with all the tough but forgiving love that is the real source of the kind of direct truthfulness most knee-jerk recoil from – even though anyone who has read this far may actually be one of the real ones. Whatever the cause, I forgive because I know the plethora of forces stacked against us, and I understand it’s often not at all easy. As the Tibetans say – metaphorically or otherwise, it still ennobles – across all our lives, our truest relationship is having all been each other’s ‘mothers’, so we are all so much more than we are manifesting as now. At this level, even the biggest, blindest assholes really are all objects of compassion. Growing in that kind of paradigm is the simple secret that Jesus held, the same that makes us boggle at the idea of the Dalai Lama being able to forgive and love the Chinese in their ignorant brutality. It’s not superhuman, we just fail to do what it takes to emulate, and instead look to our own clearly debased culture for a failed sense of meaning and belonging.

But first it’s all about Faith, not necessarily in anything or anyone symbolic, though that is actually extremely powerful, not ignorant as the modern science paradigm pushes so aggressively to tell us. But in exactly what appears, how things turn out – and also paradoxically in our capacity to truly direct them without demand towards their potentially complete perfection via the law of cause and effect.

It’s common sense that you have to be awake to stand up! So now I say with my marshmallow sledgehammer of love, in & to & from Consciousness at least, for all who have lost their ears to hear in these difficult times – ‘We are missing the Point’. Good people, I say as your friend, even if you have forgotten that – ‘Grow a pair, you’re going to die anyway, so wake the fuck up! Do you know what is worth living for? And can you then actually live for it, even if you get less than nothing tangible for it, and/or no-one sees or gives a shit?

That would be real honesty and integrity, and in my experience Life asks for nothing less to get a Pass grade, and will wait patiently for a thousand lives, forever if necessary, unconcerned with our grief and confusion. Not as cruel as it sometimes seems, just by Natural Law an eye of a needle, absolutely exacting.

If you won’t do it, who will?’ Sorry, Bernie rocks, but he ain’t the One. This is Your dream – You are the One.

How the new blanket anti-religion reaction to terrorism is so wrong – just after Paris attack

What is sadly amusing to me, being affronted by nearly everyone today as critics of religion in general, who almost without exception have no real personal experience of it on which to base their judgments, is that in this society I am constantly coerced away from living my clear truth in favour of serving a corrupt & shallow set of fictitious ideas without ultimate basis. Namely ‘capitalist materialism’, a suicidally dangerous paradigm hanging on by its (our) very fingernails.

Everyday in so many ways the sleepwalking Matrix tells me I must, regardless of having transcended such ignorance, acquiesce to the fundamental metaphysical error that ‘I’ am a concrete separate entity existing to produce unnecessary stuff in a dream of scarcity and more-or-less soft slavery, only to stay alive longer and tolerably comfortably, while cementing the power of the greedy. My acquiescence to this frankly bizarre distortion of reality only reifies it, when in fact the larger joke is on us perpetuating it.

Who really faces the uncomfortable possibility that this is all utter delusion? Certainly without the understanding there is a real alternative. Who has this courage & clarity but one who has first profoundly disconnected himself from the hive?

Note the similarity to what they say religion is – ‘a set of coercive fictitious ideas‘, only the one we now desperately cling to today as real, is corrupt & shallow, rather than deep & so all the more easily misunderstood or (actually) innocently misused.

‘Flatlanders’ (Ken Wilber’s term) these days have no comprehension of the depths to which true religion goes, to the very structure of reality itself, so they think it can & should be summarily dismissed as a simply political phenomenon – even when it is conceded that on that level there have been issues. But real religion is not political, it is a personal practice.

So wrong.  Perhaps longer term, as tragically wrong as terrorism itself. And shallow. Humans make even more mistakes comprehending the profound & intangible than they routinely do with what is right in front of their noses . Sorry, but it is only natural, and seen in this light no excuse to stay in the shallows. Real history is about duking out the big stuff.

These populist critics then make it all fit by inventing a neat fantasy distinction between religion & spirituality, so as to deride the one yet leave their vague notions of the other, won not through years of practice in an ashram or monastery but as easily as a burger at their Tuesday night yoga class, if that, intact. Everyone has an opinion, and the lowest common denominator voices are deafening.

I love to watch the Australian show ‘Who do you think you are?’ which consistently shows the wonder & profundity people experience when they become aware of the details of the lives, struggles & suffering of their ancestors. This upsets the default of modernity, which has convinced us that all that came before us were largely ignorant & meaningless, and we are somehow infinitely smarter. We have new religion!  Flat, scientific, reductionist , dualistic, capitalist materialism. Like if we don’t call it a religion we won’t notice it’s there – around us, circumscribing us, just as religion did, all the time. Such experts we are at denial & self-deception.

How quickly, foolishly & disrespectfully we have thrown away our inheritance as if it were nothing. The perennial tradition is little different to the Amazon forest or our own great-grandparents in that way. No, we can reinvent the wheel with our deep spiritual awareness at that Tuesday night class in whatever school of yoga has been fashioned to be fashionable this year. Forget that the yoga itself comes from that tradition.

These smarty-pants critics like Christopher Hitchins, king of the unhappy, consumer meat-machine identities, more easily indoctrinated by their shallow education & media than by religion, think they are radical & intelligent, despite clearly knowing themselves the failure & corruption in what they defend (!). And yet their position is nothing but today’s bandwagon, commonplace, with all the courage of the mediocre.

Spirituality is about evolution and truth, intelligence is only a tool – real intelligence is nothing without depth. If people were validated to really take the time & space to understand to the point of actually deeply practicing the advice of someone like the Buddha or the Rishis, rather than relying on tangential mudslinging at the failings of those braver than themselves who at least tried to understand (yet perhaps lacked the guidance to not get their risk tragically wrong), they might discover by far the most radical & intelligent ideas & technologies ever propagated. Forget iphones – they are just playing with clay – what about the player!?

The religions were founded saying the same truths in different ways but have survived with differing levels of purity & clarity. Islam, like Judaism, tribally compromised universality from the outset, with as we can see tragic results, while Christianity lost most of its credibility to historical power distortions. That still does not mean that the truly curious soul cannot find more there than modernity has boastfully come up with. This, in case anyone is listening, I know.  Those who lack that curiosity or courage to discover their essence have no right or credibility to call for throwing them out. So regardless of how many stupid things are done ‘in their name’, throwing them out is done ‘in their name’ rather than what they actually are, in just the same way.

Enlightenment is rare – entire cultures do not need to become enlightened, as the enlightened one can carry many on his back in the subtle realms. The culture only needs to recognize & respect what it is to maintain the conditions for it to happen. Tell a Westerner that the Balinese seem like the happiest people on earth because they make offerings to ‘the Gods’ daily, and they will attack you simply because they cannot compute such an idea – but I know it is true, and how else to explain it? Lose the Dharma from this world, say the Tibetan Buddhists, and all may be lost for a long time. Not a literal story necessarily, but a powerful metaphor, the kind that today’s scared flatlanders would strike flat.

In discovering religion/spirituality’s distilled essence still lies the highest potential for the human race, to be tossed out, like the proverbial baby with the bathwater, at great peril. Sad & amusing as I say to live in a time so utterly wrong-headed – but strangely, as always in the higher dimensions, exactly as it must be.

On the failure of capitalism & modernity

Perhaps a pop group Blur said it most succinctly – ‘Modern life is rubbish’.

Capitalism has served its purpose to increase overall productivity, but has completely failed to overcome relative inequality, and therefore power and the sense of people having a voice of worth, and therefore ultimate ‘belonging’- particularly in our lifetime. At least for the vast, vast majority of the rest of the people on the planet.

The poorest countries are a bit better off, but the average person in the richer countries is much more enslaved then he was 30-100 years ago – constant enforced stress to ‘compete’, inability for most to afford a place to even live – madness. Only the rich continue to be in the same position of abuse as were the feudal lords, heads comfortably in the sand, hearts inoperative – particularly in this country.

Thus, as an overall system it is a failure and actual cause of massive ongoing and unnecessary suffering. Not only that but it has sponsored the moral bankruptcy that leaves the planet littered with insufficiently tested chemicals, on the brink of extinction from so many sides – take your pick. Hate to restate the obvious, but a few years of prosperity for a few and increased life expectancy for many means nothing beside the extinctions that have already occurred, let alone the probability, even possibility, of our own. What foolishness to not fight the rot but rather raise kids to live in a world that will so likely not be worth living in.

And yet here we are, pedal to the metal still in the wrong direction on Denial Highway, relying on the most sophisticated forms of brainwashing and control ever devised to successfully suppress the blindingly obvious. A neat mix using the psychological, scientific and economic knowledge that was intended for good, of fuelling desire and jealousy and every other weakness of character, along with the narrowing of paradigm down to blind, meaningless materialism, and there you have it – the fall of the human race. No problem! No cause for alarm!

The ultimate diabolical genius is to make it happen without people even actually realizing it or objecting that much. Checkmate, suited Anti-Christs.

Now you see why all our ‘ignorant pre-scientific’ forbears were so crazy for religion? Why Jesus talked of his home being the Kingdom of Heaven?

Because it could never be here.

On Abbott continuing to brush off Bishop helicopter anger

The arrogance of these people knows know bounds.

But it is worse than that. Theirs is a calculated abuse of any integrity that remains in this country’s psyche, institutions and values. Everyday it is allowed to go on pulls all of us forced to acquiesce by their so-called ‘mandate’ in this travesty of ‘democracy’ down to their subhuman moral level, and they know it.

They brand others evil when they are the very embodiment of it. Clearly if they could get away with the ‘rolling of heads’, they would take it. They are worse and more damaging than Bush ever was to America.

Some object you can’t call them fascists. But the trajectory and the will have been clearly demonstrated. How they maintain polls at any level and why people are not continuously in the streets demanding their removal before it is too late will be to this population’s enduring shame. That so many passively say they are too busy rearing their children when they may not have a free country worth living in beggars belief, and only shows how successful the narrow, one-dimensional paradigm of lies has been in brainwashing the people through hollow mantras like ‘family values’ and the shallow greed for wealth that was never theirs to claim credit for.

Rottenness and LCD on every level. And all this at such a critical moment in history.

Shame must be faced first. And then time well overdue to wake up and act.