Nick Freedman – Spiritual guidance & coaching

Dalai Lama & Nick Freedman    Ever wonder what it’s all about?  What it’s all for?

    Trouble stopping your mind?

     Getting to the heart of things?

     Wanting to find your own answers?

     Your own real, true Self?

     Well, so have countless people before you.

In a fluid mentoring-coaching relationship, Nick can spontaneously guide you on a journey through traditional & modern spiritual methods for coming into the Now and being deeply real – the ‘higher yogas’. Through practices, silence, questions & discussion, you have a chance to discover what works for you, and also experience other ways to adapt if and when that changes.

We can address any & all your real life issues, simultaneously in a grounded human way, and from the standpoint of approaching the great issues of Being & Reality. Taking various angles as appropriate to the person, both experiential and intellectual, both using & going beyond techniques, we can learn to utilize all the wisdom handed down in the  great traditions, gaining familiarity putting them to use in your own real life. Using everything from Buddhist meditations and Tibetan perspectives on compassion and tantra, to non-dual Hindu and Byron Katie inquiry methods….from New Age belief creativity & unlimited positive thinking, to just Being as described in the terms of Advaita Vedanta or Eckhart Tolle — we have the capacity to  take anything from a simple coaching approach, to an eclectic and radically non-limiting, but always fresh approach to ‘surfing’ profoundly through life undeterred in the face of pain, paradox or anything else that appears in the field of Awareness.

This is an opportunity for true journeyers, directly or indirectly,  to experiment freshly out of proper respect for, and using the startlingly similar wisdom of the best of those who have gone before us in many places and times, as well as contemporary versions. Nick guides a way based on his long experience and own particular insights, understandings & application, far beyond just rehashing concepts from old, foreign cultures. He takes his job very seriously to bring eternal truths alive for you in your own experience.

The process is organic, exciting and unpredictable, but may well involve:
-Discussing spiritual experiences and processes involved in finding a deeper truth and way of being
-Setting goals for a truer, fuller life, and being gently accountable to me as an encouraging friend and partner week-to-week.
-Guidance for busy young, professionals in how to relax, balance and meditate
-Examining limiting beliefs and projections so as to come into Being as Love, through the experience of honesty, compassion, peace and deep acceptance of life.
-Helping shy or hurt people in their understanding, attracting  & dealing with the opposite sex.
-Opening new understandings and approaches for maintaining mature and long-lasting relationships
-Helping unsatisfied people find the information and environments they need to make the changes that are right for them, in the interests of finding and focussing on what’s really important to them.


2 thoughts on “Nick Freedman – Spiritual guidance & coaching

  1. as an 18 year old who’s still so uncertain in identity and what to put my energy into I find you inspiriational and stumbled across the website at a meaningful time, I might very well undertake the course

    1. Good to hear, Isaac. Anytime. Tricky world right now, but good to get behond what you now and believe in. Let me know if you want to connect.

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