On the paradox of being whole – how the spiritual can also be political

People are often confused when they see someone ‘spiritual’ also fiercely standing up for political issues or confronting ignorance in its myriad forms in these rapidly changing times, as you may find in many of the blog posts on this site. To most it seems like a contradiction in terms. Aren’t we only supposed to be one thing? Especially when there is a ‘cultural’ attempt to produce anger in all the wrong places, from immigration to spirituality, and many aggrieved are aggressively looking for a fight with anyone they think an easy target. They assume, without actually knowing at all, that it’s all just words from the mouths of shysters.

But fully integrated spirituality can operate in different ways appropriate to the paradoxes inherent in our great challenge of operating effectively on different levels of reality. Like the wrathful deities of the Tibetans, what is ultimately peaceful and needless can move with great force from clarity of Knowing, yet still with hidden compassion and reduced attachment. The difference may be subtle, but it is critical.

Some tell me you have to indulge people’s weaknesses and draw them in with enticing stories etc. That being asked to wake up and assimilate a wider perspective only makes them feel criticized and turn the page, poor dears. Better keep it light and let them keep waiting for everyone else to stand up first. Sure you have the luxury to do that one-on-one, but when people are disconnected in their Matrix-bubbles?

But that too is all just part of the conditioning, and where has it gotten us? I say it’s way past time for us to suck up the truth already, and take full responsibility for what in most cases we already know on some level. It does not mean there is not also room for fun, humor, peace – we can all be many things, not just the one we want to be seen as.

But for this hugely important thing , it begins with living for, supporting and aligning with what is truthful at any cost – the end of just getting by, covering our asses.

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