sittin in Laos

Nick Freedman, if anything, is a spiritual guide, meditation & inquiry teacher, cross-cultural commentator & writer from Australia. He has lived 30 years of rich & committed experience travelling and living in many cultures, through the lens of Tibetan Buddhist, Vipassana & non-dual Hindu monasteries & ashrams in India & the West, as well as being 8 years with Edmonton’s John de Ruiter. He now lives tantrically, fully set loose upon the world (or is it vice-versa?), finally overcoming a reluctance to mentor & coach formally rather than just spontaneously one-on-one with those he comes in contact with in the course of living.

 This is simply offering personalized ways to, and experience of, the profound truth to those who are interested’ he says.

Sharing his experience of having studied deeply the great traditions and translating ineffable spirit through the medium of mind into personal experience to those who are suited is his passion & purpose.

Nick spontaneously lays out a journey through traditional & modern spiritual methods for coming into the Now and being deeply real, the ‘higher yogas’. Through practices, silence, questions & discussion, people have a chance to discover what works for them, and also experience other ways to adapt if and when that changes.

Satsang’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘meeting in truth’. ‘I approach the great issues of Being & Reality spontaneously from many angles, both experiential and intellectual, both using & going beyond techniques, just as the great traditions like Buddhism and Hinduism have’. So it’s less stuffy and divided than most Satsangs, more of an including ‘Chatsang’! But no less powerful.

He is a certified coach, but coaches are a dime a dozen, whereas this level of experience and guidance cannot be taught in some course – it really this is so much more than that.

Utilizing everything from Buddhist meditations and Tibetan perspectives on compassion and tantra, to non-dual Hindu and Byron Katie enquiry methods, from New Age belief creativity, to just Being in the sense of Zen, Advaita or Eckhart Tolle — Nick encourages an honest, non-limiting & always fresh approach to ‘surfing’ profoundly yet passionately through life in the face of paradox.

Instead of forcing you into the box of one single tradition’, he says, ‘my approach is to leverage the best of many though intelligent cross-comparison that can make sense of the dizzying spiritual marketplace to the sincere & open-minded. These are quickening times and the cat is out of the bag. For new challenges we need fresh solutions that utilize the best of the wisdom of the past, not only in westernized interpretations of classic approaches, but also then synthesizing the strengths of multiple traditions. With this we can empower beyond ego the uniqueness & necessary discriminating power of the individual, in finding, being & living their destiny & purpose though relationship & expression in the truest way’.

People are often confused when they see someone ‘spiritual’ also fiercely standing up for political issues or confronting ignorance in its myriad forms in these rapidly changing times, as you may find in many of the blog posts on this site. To most it seems like a contradiction in terms. Especially when there is a ‘cultural’ attempt to produce anger in all the wrong places, from immigration to spirituality, and many aggrieved people are aggressively looking for a fight with anyone they think an easy target. They assume, without actually knowing at all, that it’s all just words from the mouths of shysters.

But fully integrated spirituality can operate in different ways appropriate to the paradoxes inherent in our great challenge of operating effectively on different levels of reality. Like the wrathful deities of the Tibetans, what is ultimately peaceful and needless can move with great force from clarity of Knowing, yet still with hidden compassion and reduced attachment. The difference may be subtle, but it is critical.

Nowadays there are many people overselling themselves and damaging the name of spirituality, as if it were a commodity as cheap as any other. In all that noise, it has become very hard to know what is true, and have any sense of the depth or usefulness of what is being offered. The first clue to what is genuine is that the salesmanship is so much less than the personal integrity to walk the walk. Although circumstances always change within and without, someone truly anchored in reality is usually very careful about how they move in the world, knowing how easily the delicate flower of awareness can be sullied in an upside-down life. At other times they may be  confusingly ‘normal’ or wildly joyous or challengingly expressive. But fundamentally, they integrate as much as circumstances require, and generally no more. They are ‘in the world but not of the world’ – a reluctant salesman at most, doing only what flows without compromise to Being. Personal gain is so secondary to them they have little will to compete like ordinary people. Their trust is in a deeper meaning.  That subtle commitment you can only know from seeing the person, and interacting with them in this context. Not to make any comparison, but even after full enlightenment the Buddha was reluctant guide, and so is Nick, having waited years longer when so many others plunge in like businessmen or job seekers.