Response to Manchester counter-productive, misinformed denial. So what is the real first step to a solution?

Wash & repeat. Pretty much the same action, exact same response. Media churns the story. Flowers laid, tears shed, candles lit. Nothing learnt.

Less than one second to midnight, and still hopelessly asleep at the wheel.

All the spasmodic hysteria over Manchester and other random acts of terror would surely be better channelled into an as-yet barely-existent sustained effort to educate and thereby non-violently combat the politics of fear – of institutional terrorism, always only further justified in its wake. Of course killing children is disgusting. But in the mawkish orgy, suddenly machine guns on the streets of sunny Sydney in the hands of bogan cops is now casually being discussed, yet the next little stepping stone that would be on the now predictable path towards eliminating the true ‘defiance’ of a fearless life is nearly universally ignored.

Because if the politics of fear of ‘terror’ is even indirectly used to justify police states (as is clearly intended to those already educated beyond the usual propaganda), not to mention nuclear war , or climate holocaust (which is still incredibly being denied), then the fear and loss that would ensue would be incomparable.

‘Incomparable’ means no comparison, as anyone who has the slightest recall of the statistics of war,  imperialism, and other major die-offs should be fully aware of. Then the death of children would be in the millions at minimum, as so many times before, not double digits. How would all the horrified, indignant mothers and scared little girls feel then?

Net result, terrorism is effectively still little more than a smokescreen for what is really going on, all too obviously one would think. It is even quite likely an engineered part of the whole theatrical trickshow.

Because the greatest terrorist threat is an orange imposter at the helm of what was already the largest and most dangerous terrorist organisation in history before he showed up, put there by a bunch of hoodwinked mouthbreathers made too stupid to even now register their spectacular blunder. The suppressed yet likewise plainly obvious history of the United States is open for anyone with an enquiring mind to see. But how is it relatively so few have cared to confront the obvious? When along with inequality, these are so far and away the biggest issues at play today, it is amazing we are led to see all our info side by side in our news feeds as if they are equally important – when they are not.

This is not to empower terrorism, even though the victims of American terrorism know this all too well and are actually all the more angry that we just refuse to get it, when it’s all right in front of our noses. In fact we all do know it, we just can’t bear to join the dots. Thoroughly guilted over Brexit and led to believe that Farage was actually the globalist, for all its ‘defiance’ of both terrorism and Trump, Britain will, we are told, next fortnight vote in another Tory government over a true Sanders-style socialist by a landslide – go figure.

We’ve all seen the movie plots and news stories around every aspect of this, but still cannot bear to see how many were so appealing precisely because they had so much foundation in reality. We know not to trust our governments, but we just can’t wrap our heads around just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Our attachment to our comforts does not allow us to admit what we plainly know.

Terrorists come from or are closely linked to countries where 20 dead children is a daily occurrence and will do anything for us to feel their pain enough to stop our governments actively generating this cycle with arms sales and fake invasions for false agendas. Even if that means forcing us to share it.

But we don’t – after each brief interlude we just go back to stuffing our faces, making our excuses, turning up to our jobs or pursuing our pathetic personal salesmanship, while feeling powerless and pretending it’s not happening or going where it is obviously going – that we care enough about our children’s future. Further, as with 9/11, we just fall right into their trap, letting a single act that is really less than a drop in the ocean create fear in billions. Not noticing that the business of news is scouring the earth for the very worst things that happen, while billions have perfectly peaceful days. True defiance would be to sanely contemplate the numbers and all-but ignore it, then get back to educating and empowering eachother to create real democracy, but then the story is just too juicy. How can the actions of one messed up kid be made so significant? They know that capitalism is as much our Achille’s heel as their enemy, and they are right, because it has made us addicts to drama.

It is the enforced ignoring of their undeniable pain that they know all too well, that in fact significantly drives them to shock us out of our stupor. They want us to first acknowledge this pain that few of us could even imagine – yet we simply refuse to get it. Impotent, ridiculous ‘defiance’ is our only simple-minded response. That so many are made to accentuate a fictitious powerlessness by coming up with nothing but such a weak, adversarial stance is really quite extraordinary. Meanwhile, we are told to resolutely refuse to even listen to what these people want us to hear, perhaps for fear that some might even agree or even just understand. That is our modern application of mature mediation.

We also like to tell ourselves politically correct lies like it’s got nothing to do with Islam, when two minutes flicking through the Koran will tell you that like the Judeao-Christianity (a twisted version of which still underpins white imperialism), and unlike Buddhism, it is a tribal rather than universal religion with undercurrents of violence throughout. And to that extent is not really religion at all.

And so, because, not in spite, of our collective ignorant reaction, this will all too likely just go on till it is too late.

But the ‘Islamic terrorists’ too, like us, are pawns in a larger game, the elites’ puppetshow, their brilliant yet psychopathic trick that divides us, and drags us down in fear and anger, as it drives them even to strap on a bomb. Same old ‘divide and conquer’, not even that sophisticated.

How are people so content to live their lives unaware, in fact refusing to see, that they have been comprehensively played by people who would even laugh at the loss of our very lives? That we live inside of a ‘Matrix’, and true to the analogy are being fed off from birth to grave without even a clear image that it is even happening? This callous laughter is a real, though shocking description of the ‘evil terrorists’ on both sides, but more for those who are motivated more by lust for power than legitmate pain. In any case, you only have to see how much the imperialists and ‘terrorists’ have in common to see that the real ‘sides’ in this situation is them together, and us, the dupes.

This is a system that in progressively more sophisticated and underhanded ways steals all the money and power through trickle down lies, bailouts, inflation and, thereby upping the pressure to give in to wage slavery, making it impossible to not do anything else, or follow through on any dissent or true input at every step.

The history, again, is on public record. For instance, just look at Oliver Stone’s ‘Untold History of the United States’, starting with this episode right up to Obama. Or the confession of the Dutch ex-banker on child sacrifices , which although controversial, is a compelling picture of a sick and heartless group that plays all sides at once, just as both sides of wars typically have the same financiers. Just this week Trump had the audacity to spout about destroying evil while selling billions in arms into the Middle East. In spite of such an erudite commentator as Chomsky pointing out repeatedly, the media doesn’t even seem to register the irony. We are being made fools of.

But who is really aware and compassionate enough about this to give it the energy such enormous threats deserve? Incredible that at the most dangerous moment since the Cuban missile crisis, when one wrong step could have created Armageddon, and far saner heads led the two camps, that not every single citizen or parent has not walked off their ‘job’, which in many cases largely only serves the problem, and instead dedicated themselves to educating, sharing or just protesting in the street demanding change at any cost. When any moment, the next tweet, could literally spell the end of the human race, we appear to be in the most extreme state of denial.

And yet the power’s agenda has been so successful that a few facebook likes or shares is beyond most people. People, even friends and family, are more inclined to steal your ideas especially if they are not well-circulated, than acknowledge them, something I have been prey to repeatedly, yet only betrays a fundamental lack of goodness of spirit. More concerned with looking smart than offering truth. Further, the unfortunate paradox is that the more, complex, inspired, intelligent and vast in scope your analysis, the more certain it becomes to be misunderstood, in fact, completely ignored. Chomsky’s constrants if ‘concision’ within an ‘Idiocracy’ that arrived hundreds of years too soon, has even the intelligentsia having to obey a soundbite and slogan regime governed by fame and marketing, not quality. ‘Something is rotten in the state…’.

Now God has been pronounced dead by his corporate successor, people are so fearfully self-serving they are afraid to support the truth in any other way than these misguided orgies of grief that only demonstrate our distroted appetites. Too weak and afraid to be seen as radical when even that image, like the tree-hugging hippie, is just one more part of the spin designed to disempower us. The sanest commentators are not even listened to, drowned in the sea of repetitive noise and junk making one simple point at a time that is the internet and the media, leaving people horribly out of tune and confused what is true and what is not. The level of numbed indifference is astonishing. So, the real truth hiding in plain sight, we cannot even take the power over information that we have.

I can only fulfil my contract with life, say my piece and make my as offerings into the silent space of consciousness. If there is any justice or God, perhaps one day in some form it will be acknowledged.

But as for this life, and the tremendous grief I have pre-cognized at the ugly and unfathomable loss on our watch of the earth’s long record that was so close to brilliant success, unless something radically changes, and fast, checkmate.


2 thoughts on “Response to Manchester counter-productive, misinformed denial. So what is the real first step to a solution?

  1. You are surely looking from a deeper place, I’d think there’s more. Well written and great perspective…..Iook forward to more from your heart.

  2. Baba, to use the mind (grounded in heart without any show) to try to undo gross collective illusions that stand in the way of the future (and past) of every living being even having the opportunity to have a life where their heart can be expressed is in my estimation the very definition of heart reaching out from its comfortable domain to apply itself where it is really needed.
    Thanks for reading and responding.

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