The two-party gerrymander system is no longer acceptable

What is this ‘two parties only’ gerrymander fiction?
On what sane planet can the two Australian parties get about 60% of the vote – and many of them only reluctantly out of pragmatism because their approval was way less again – yet still be rigged to take over 90% of the seats?! Where all we have is the choice for the lesser of two evils?
A major third party like the Greens can get maybe 20% and still only 1 seat! Even a Bernie Sanders can be removed from the actual contest despite probably getting the most votes!
A planet that runs on compliance with whatever we are told kinda/maybe/supposedly/didn’t work in the past. No longer acceptable.
Hardly anyone knows who their local member is anyway, and what does it matter if party discipline is so high?
Gee, maybe a Brexit-style referendum would bring more reality!?
Then members could be selected to represent sub-population areas based on actual voting support. Is that really so strange?

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