How to tell a real spiritual guide from so many salesmen

Nowadays there are many people overselling themselves and damaging the name of spirituality, as if it were a commodity as cheap as any other. In all that noise, it has become very hard to know what is true, and have any sense of the depth or usefulness of what is being offered. The first clue to what is genuine is that the salesmanship is so much less than the personal integrity to walk the walk. They become almost like a nobody, not the kind any typical person would think to listen to, let alone emulate. Not the super-‘successful’ superman most hope to find as their reflection, who are like the healers we hope will perform mysterious techniques rather than empower us with rich good sense. Something they know deep down is much more real, than desirable on the surface, where we are continuously trained to live.

Although circumstances always change within and without, someone truly anchored in reality is usually very careful about how they move in the world, knowing how easily the delicate flower of awareness can be sullied in an upside-down life. At other times they may be  confusingly ‘normal’ or wildly joyous or challengingly expressive. But fundamentally, they integrate as much as circumstances require, and generally no more. They are ‘in the world but not of the world’ – a reluctant salesman at most, doing only what flows without compromise to Being.

Personal gain is so secondary to them they have little or no will to compete like ordinary people, something very frightening to people still on their new-age, ‘manifesting’, training-wheels, hoping that some ‘coach’ can guarantee they will create more, more, more. That is possible, but not really a true place to stop, because it still runs on fear and separation. Although not austere to the point of turning away bliss, their need to ‘have it all’ is gone, and now their trust is in a deeper meaning.  That subtle commitment you can only know from seeing the person, and interacting with them in this context.

Not to make any comparison, but even after full enlightenment the Buddha was reluctant guide, and I have some pride in saying, so am I, having waited years longer when so many others plunge in like businessmen or job seekers. There are many other reasons for this I’m sure I will talk about elsewhere. I am not ‘perfect’, but my focus and commitment, as well as my challenges and experience, have been as great and as sincere as anyone I know. and that is the of the highest value to a seeker. And with all objectivity rather than ego, I was born a communicator. Both my passion and compassion should be very clear.

So many seekers in the long battle with their egos come to harbor secret desires to be ‘the man’, which is the actual main source of so much unfortunate suspicion of ‘gurus’, but for me this first only about fulfilling my destiny or blueprint as a messenger in order to bring truth, sanity and the end of suffering to all who wish to come to me. As in any relationship, the key is coming to know the deeper goodwill and sincerity of your partner when it counts, and your ability to judge character is one the most important skills you can develop. To know others, you must ‘know yourself’ at these deeper levels, and the training is all about this.

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