Brexit & ‘Inequality’ – the real issue of our times

There is only one thing you need to know to see that the EU, TPP, TTIP etc, all these economic conglomerations, have not served the ideal of the global village, but rather the concentration of power and wealth over us by underhanded corporations & bankers, fronted by the supposedly superior money-managers of the ‘moderate’ right-wing parties.

That is the demonstrable fact that all the wealth generated in the last 30 years has gone increasingly to the sociopathic, anti-democratic, top 1%….and therefore the actual power of others, which is a relative thing, on all levels from individual to organisations even to countries, has correspondingly been hugely diminished.

That’s it – absolute simplicity. All else is details, especially the smokescreen of immigration.

It’s the main reason why, despite our shiny gadgets and tweeting, life has become so much harder. Despite huge advances in productivity, nothing but scraps has ‘trickled-down’. And it’s why Brexit had to happen when a referendum gave them the chance beyond any two-party election farce – before it was too late. It has been a clear and defined conscious process approaching completion.  And until now it has been all but unopposed, in fact as the media shows us, strongly supported by the ‘manufactured consent’ of paid ignorance.

This is for those who still buy the line that all so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ are lunatic fringe, half of whom still in their confusion vote to the Right, or even so-called ‘Centre’…

Until enough stand for this to be sorted, the rest, including all our labours, when all is said and done will add to nothing, or less. Otherwise time will show we rationalized remaining ‘part of the problem’, not the solution. Not a legacy or epitaph anyone would want.

Especially considering that beyond this, all these scoundrels and terrorists are ultimately an unflattering mirror to ourselves, to be seen and taken full responsibility for.


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