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On the failure of capitalism & modernity

Perhaps a pop group Blur said it most succinctly – ‘Modern life is rubbish’.

Capitalism has served its purpose to increase overall productivity, but has completely failed to overcome relative inequality, and therefore power and the sense of people having a voice of worth, and therefore ultimate ‘belonging’- particularly in our lifetime. At least for the vast, vast majority of the rest of the people on the planet.

The poorest countries are a bit better off, but the average person in the richer countries is much more enslaved then he was 30-100 years ago – constant enforced stress to ‘compete’, inability for most to afford a place to even live – madness. Only the rich continue to be in the same position of abuse as were the feudal lords, heads comfortably in the sand, hearts inoperative – particularly in this country.

Thus, as an overall system it is a failure and actual cause of massive ongoing and unnecessary suffering. Not only that but it has sponsored the moral bankruptcy that leaves the planet littered with insufficiently tested chemicals, on the brink of extinction from so many sides – take your pick. Hate to restate the obvious, but a few years of prosperity for a few and increased life expectancy for many means nothing beside the extinctions that have already occurred, let alone the probability, even possibility, of our own. What foolishness to not fight the rot but rather raise kids to live in a world that will so likely not be worth living in.

And yet here we are, pedal to the metal still in the wrong direction on Denial Highway, relying on the most sophisticated forms of brainwashing and control ever devised to successfully suppress the blindingly obvious. A neat mix using the psychological, scientific and economic knowledge that was intended for good, of fuelling desire and jealousy and every other weakness of character, along with the narrowing of paradigm down to blind, meaningless materialism, and there you have it – the fall of the human race. No problem! No cause for alarm!

The ultimate diabolical genius is to make it happen without people even actually realizing it or objecting that much. Checkmate, suited Anti-Christs.

Now you see why all our ‘ignorant pre-scientific’ forbears were so crazy for religion? Why Jesus talked of his home being the Kingdom of Heaven?

Because it could never be here.

On Abbott continuing to brush off Bishop helicopter anger

The arrogance of these people knows know bounds.

But it is worse than that. Theirs is a calculated abuse of any integrity that remains in this country’s psyche, institutions and values. Everyday it is allowed to go on pulls all of us forced to acquiesce by their so-called ‘mandate’ in this travesty of ‘democracy’ down to their subhuman moral level, and they know it.

They brand others evil when they are the very embodiment of it. Clearly if they could get away with the ‘rolling of heads’, they would take it. They are worse and more damaging than Bush ever was to America.

Some object you can’t call them fascists. But the trajectory and the will have been clearly demonstrated. How they maintain polls at any level and why people are not continuously in the streets demanding their removal before it is too late will be to this population’s enduring shame. That so many passively say they are too busy rearing their children when they may not have a free country worth living in beggars belief, and only shows how successful the narrow, one-dimensional paradigm of lies has been in brainwashing the people through hollow mantras like ‘family values’ and the shallow greed for wealth that was never theirs to claim credit for.

Rottenness and LCD on every level. And all this at such a critical moment in history.

Shame must be faced first. And then time well overdue to wake up and act.

A spiritual perspective on the left-right political divide


As one who was forcefully propelled by life itself into what can only be described as a ‘spiritual life’, I would say that I have dedicated the last 30 years of it to comprehending as directly as possible what lies at the heart of many of history’s most credible and authentic different paradigms and ways of being worth knowing. As a result, an open mind for me means not dismissing any worldview without having an intimate understanding of what must drive the people who live by it for whatever reason, out of respect for who I know they are underneath their delusions. This is not as condescending as it might sound, because I know intimately that we are all prey to delusions of varying kinds and ferocity, myself included.

But the only worldview I have ever come across that I struggle to make sense of without simply being disparaging is that of right-wing moneyed conservatism. I can only conclude that it is so low and so degraded that I simply cannot relate to it. Its theorists, first with their misappropriation of Darwin and downhill from there, are so lacking in depth and compassion I cannot remember a time or a life in which I could have been conscious and believing such a pernicious crock of shit, while still pretending to have some valid justification for it. That they are willing to inflict so much suffering on so many people with such transparent justification for their subhuman greed shows me they are primitive souls who have barely just come to look, dress and sound like humans when in truth there are not yet. Any more evolved soul is very reluctant to make such a brutal conclusion, but I am afraid there simply is no other. This is a question of spiritual evolution, pure and simple.

But then again, on the typical scale I am pretty left – though in reality I have many more central elements, because I am more transcendent… something which very few of today’s politically-inclined gross materialists know anything about. Even today’s left only argues of ‘equality of opportunity’, and still agrees the devilish lazy should have no rights. Having been made externally ‘lazy’ myself through a profound interaction with spiritual life, and seen that many people, in so many ways are left with holes or simply have deeper meanings to their life that have so little to do with economic productivity … that there is so much wealth to be shared, and the whole economic assumption of scarcity v the spiritual Knowledge of the Reality of abundance – leads me to make the daring claim along with the basic income proponents, ‘if we actually can afford for people to do whatever they want/should/ are supposed to, including be lazy or broken or whatever it is without having to justify themselves to the material productivity overlords, then even these people should be net-supported in their unchosen involvement in the fabricated state system. This goes hand-in-hand with, and in the name of diversity, the target of our narrow-minded controllers who seek to make all others minions in their own images. At best if we are kinder to their original motives, it comes from a vague disapproving paternalism that usurps any God they claim to believe in, and takes absolute claim for creating the bounty of life.  See  this  guardian article on right-wing philosophical underpinning for squeezing the poor.  Rather than simply being God, who lets all expressions be what they are, they falsely put their hands all over not only their own lives, as is any prerogative to experiment with, but illegitimately over other’s as well.

Nothing but the garden-variety ignorance of ego, and anyone who has ever attempted spiritual evolution or considered ITS philosophical basis knows along with every single generation that preceded the last few, that this is the single enemy of the true point of life.