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Disaster capitalism – hunger for power in the hands of little men

A comment on on the report that citizenship cancellation was instantly upgrading from dual to single citizens this morning said,

‘Wonder if all this ramping up of fear and uncertainty isn’t also a great opportunity for ‘Disaster Capitalism’ as per the title of Naomi Klein’s excellent book. The IPA will be whispering in Abbott’s ear that there is no time like the present to move against the ABC. The pissiest of pretexts, but that’s never bothered Rupert.’

My reply…..’Don’t keep timidly wondering forever. Pretty obvious by now that’s the whole point.

As the lady journo said on the Insiders this week, ‘what happens if and when some terrorist act that they could never really prevent anyway actually really happens!?’

Honestly think they’re going to just going to sit back and say ‘lucky we acted early’?

No. All a pretext to take more and more.

They are making the public their enemy, and gloating that no matter how outrageous they get, they hold the power. They are demeaning us all.

We will all soon fear for what we say and do, and at that moment freedom will be lost. Checkmate.

It’s called the hunger for power in the hands of little men.’

How family values were twisted to become a conservative propaganda tool to facilitate ‘taking over Australia & the world’

I went to a demonstration on raw milk banning a few days back rather than the Aboriginal one the following day, because I knew the latter was the more obvious cause to support, and I was interested in meeting people who may see subtler links at play.

But between that demo and a dinner meeting of one of the largest Green groups in Victoria last night, to even my surprise, I could count on two hands the number of people there between the ages of 30 and 50, the kinds who most realistically could come to influential positions.

Even my few old ‘friends’ in Australia who give enough of a shit to talk, say they can’t do (or say) anything because they have kids. They ALL have kids. Which also means being left with no choice but to live bound to the financial wheel to support their choices – LONG term.

My mind flashes back to the beginning of Howard before I left the country, listening to him droning on the conservative mantra of ‘jobs and family, jobs and family’, wondering what on earth he thought life was, and when it was supposed to happen. I never imagined for a second that my entire generation would take him so literally that not a single one of them would not end up effectively disempowered, without even the time to concern themselves they may simply be rearing fodder for the future fascists, to live in a country in utter denial & fear, and and a world so wracked by climate change on the most vulnerable continent on earth, that is not worth living in at all, if living is even possible.

Now, I have nothing against jobs or family, any more than wealth or prosperity, for those whose true and natural inclination is to pursue these things, but what strikes me as odd, is when an idea is somewhat subtly made so homogenous that it is clear that damn near EVERYONE perceived that to do anything other would leave them behind, on the shelf, left out of participating in any shreds of culture left over. It also clearly explains why this culture has become so utterly boring, unfriendly and meaningless over the last 15 years. Then the diversity and individuality that the conservatives pretend to stand for is effectively SHUT DOWN.

I am totally shocked that it seems my entire generation has fallen for this pernicious junk. Now only the pathetic spectacle of our revered way of life involving sexless bogan princesses with whiney voices endlesly deliberating on how much it costs to impress their friends with their wine choice, when rarely they can tell them apart from vinegar.

And so we are forced to note that on so many levels, particulary politically, the net result is that no-one is at the wheel.

I put to you what you may consider conspiratorial, that the conservative agenda is pre-considered to yield this exact result. They do have ideological theories you know. Just as Marx knew that competition was the Achilles heel to the altruism that should be at the centre of any real society, the central liberal/conservative philosophy of self-interest for citizens and politicians alike necessarily leads to ever worsening inequality and corruption… thus leaving the right-wing literally a sub-human, amoral, devilish failure.

The blindingly obvious proof of its success (as this utter failure), even before the recent clear movements towards effective dictatorship, is the theft of practically all new wealth from the last 30 years into the pockets of the super-rich club worldwide.

This is not ‘same as it ever was’ stuff as the apathetic say, this is a very new low.

Their theorists knew full well what few even now see. The homogenisation and resultant stratification of culture is to best way to subjugate it.

Result? Power over you.

The equality you (hopefully) say you believe in, for those few moments at least perhaps when you sit in the movie theatre, all the good values you may know in what is left of your heart, these are of NO ISSUE WHATSOEVER to these people.

The sooner that uncomfortable truth is faced, the more effective any possible remaining opposition could be.

Think your middle class world is safe? Look to the US, who were are nothing but an action replay of, because the entire middle class are the next to go. As George Carlin said in one of his routines – ‘they won’t stop till they’ve taken it all’. Stare into the eyes of ‘the Devil’, and you will grudgingly admit it is true. You don’t have to look very far, he’s on the news every night.

Wake up! Smell the coffee. The human heart is good, the heart forgotten descends into what can rightly be called evil. It matters not who does the ‘rolling of heads’. Evil is evil.

Alas, the score as it stands ….Nasty little fascists – 99. My generation – 0.

re Gillard’s exposing even the ABC as having become Abbott’s lackey AND report on Melbourne demonstration against the banning of raw milk

The Australian legacy that Liberals want to exploit as a homogeneous culture to place themselves at the top of, is partly the courage of the Australian soldier. Yet they have bullied the media, even the national broadcaster now, into joining the rest of the population as complicit, ass-covering cowards. Smokescreening spin, the destructive distortion of issues and simplistic sensationalism rule, now even on the ABC, as Gillard notes as well. This is leaving people fear-soaked, simple-minded and apathetic, unable to comprehend or face up to the trajectory they are being led towards… vaguely and unconsciously just hoping it will all just keep working out as it always has if they just shut the doors on their expensive little houses, tally up enough super and keep their heads in the sand.

Yesterday I joined the demonstration in Melbourne against the banning of raw milk, where I drank easily the best glass of milk I’ve ever had. The impetus for me to get out from behind my unheard voice & disempowered facebook status came out of seeing the ABC 7.30 report, the closest thing we have to real television current affairs, on the subject. So complicit they were with government and medical establishment views that they simply brushed aside the idea that the real food proponents might have any valid argument whatsoever, as if they were nothing but dippy hippies with therefore no brains at all, exposing our kids to dangerously natural things. Better to stick with all the dangerously unnatural things I suppose. The ABC had trotted out the government payroll ‘scientific experts’ to shore up the supremely unscientific justification for a total ban on this most natural and healthy of products, based on one single unproven case of illness in a child. So much for large sample-spaces and double-blind placebo studies.

All nothing but smokescreen for the inertia of protecting existing industry (ie their owner donors) against the change required in getting real enough to even care about the health of us all, themselves included. Utterly pathetic.

When I suggested to the one journalist there, from the Age, that an interesting & provocative angle for him which would reflect the true & wider intent, might be the tag ‘Cheers, big ears’ with picture of us drinking, in defiance of the wingnut himself, his eyes glazed over at the thought of tackling any kind of big picture. No, I knew he’d prefer to go with the ‘how will it affect jobs’ line that we’ve all been brainwashed into yawning to. It was quite clear he did not have a brave bone in his body and no interest whatsoever in threatening his paycheck or even his stench of mediocrity with anything but another day at work. And that no-one would even question or doubt that,he had not completely missed the point of us all being there….

Oh, well, on it goes down the plughole.

Selfish stupidity everywhere. No hope for this country until we can use stem cells to get transplants of digger’s backbones.

‘Heads will roll’ warns the Fuhrer over ABC allowing person to talk

Even if unconscious, Sauron Abbott’s choice of language was telling. And the intent anything but unconscious.

And yet he could roll any number of heads without even considering letting his own go….!?

Sound familiar? Anyone remember modern history?

This country is sleepwalking towards a VERY dangerous precipice.

Tragedy is that every day he remains getting away with more he knows the people are further eroded and disempowered. The more people impotently rant yet nothing really happens the more it plays into his hands. That’s why there’s no early election, because we’re already near the point of no return. Don’t kid yourself he doesn’t know this.

BIG problem.

What’s the Q & A issue really about?

Libs want to kill ABC program ‘Q & A’ because it’s one of the few places you can still find intelligent & open debate in this country, and they are sworn destroyers of all things intelligent or open.
Remind you of anything? Tip… remember Modern History at school?… books, fire & stuff….? 
If you say ‘but that’s a bit of a stretch’, just keep giving it a little time. Then recall the phrase ‘past the point of no return’.